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Ancient Monk Tea & Coffee Co.

Make Your Day Better

Thanks to the Ancient Monk Tea, you will enhance your daily fluid intake and contribute to improving the overall health of your body.

Laos Tea

Taste Our Tea From 400 Year Old Trees

Our teas are collect in uncommon places



Our Tea



Our tea comes from trees which have been hand picked and processed in the same fashion as they have been for centuries. The leaves are culivated in ancient tea forests within the Phongsaly region of Laos, where trees can grow to be over one thousand years old. These forests are organic, mineral rich, and pesticide free environments and lie in the mountains at an altitude of up to one thousand four hundred meters. This is what gives our tea not only its unique health benefit but its distinct aroma and taste.

Phou San Mountain Black Tea

A mild, soft but complex and true organic artisan tea. Your first initial impression will be of sweet cocoa and raisin followed by notes of orange peel creating a melody of flavours of plum, figs, and dates elevating to a symphony encompassing a sweetness that will last on the palate long after drinking.

Phou San Mountain Classic Red Tea

An organically grown red tea from the Phou San Mountain Region in Northern Laos. This delicate and smooth natural sweetness tea combined with a nutty taste will bring the delightful woody notes rising from the cup, as you truly enjoy this classic tea for the ages.

Phong Saly Green Tea Big Tree

Large forest tea leaves hand picked by the Tibeto Burman people from 400 year old trees. Truly an experience of a lifetime. Simply this tea makes you feel good from the time it’s savoury notes hits your mouth until it’s mineral vegetal sweetness slowly creeps up on you. This sense of well-being lasts long after drinking this pure organic and high quality tea.

Phou San Mountain Green Tea

A smooth refreshing and mild green tea grown by Akha, Phou Koi and Khmuu people’s in the northern province of Phong Saly. This great mid-afternoon tea will help refresh your day.

Oolong Tea - Paksong, Southern Laos

Your taste buds will find this tea from Southern Laos irresistible anytime of the day. From the moment the aroma rises to your nose, its distinctive nutty chocolate flavour tones will stimulate your senses to a paradise that can only be achieved by tasting this truly elegant tea. Combined with being the leading tea for weight loss and its many other health benefits makes it a necessary addition to your collection.

200 Year Old Forest Black Tea - Xieng Khoung Province

This forest tea is the true essence of long, lasting, deep flavor and enduring complexity. These qualities come from mature forest trees, and are a result of its leaves being roasted and sun-dried by hand in a special process by southern Laos farmers. Once you have experienced this morning tea, it will become your primary choice to start your day !


Good for You Purple Tea - Kenya

This new, rare variety of Camellia Sinensis, affectionately known as Purple Tea, is only grown in Kenya. Infused with a more earthy and rustic flavor than its black counterpart, it possesses a unique, thirst-quenching quality that is unmistakable.

Aside from its aesthetic effects, this tea boasts a host of medicinal properties, including cancer preventative benefits, lower levels of cholesterol, an increased metabolism, and even improved vision. It has an extremely low caffeine content when compared to green tea, making it the perfect beverage for day or night. In addition, Purple Tea is known to reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiac arrests, and contains anti-viral properties. Experience what the taste of Kenya has in store for you.

Our Coffee

Simply more than enjoyment

Serving Only the Best

White Parasol – Medium Roast

Ivory Elephant – Dark Espresso Roast 

100 % Arabica – Medium Roast

Our Coffee

Before reaching your table, our coffee goes a long way. From plantations in the farthest corners of the globe, through the hands of farmers and fruit-pickers, to the roasting and finest grinding in our mills, and yet, every cup means just one fresh start to enjoying the day ahead.

White Parasol

– Medium Roast-

This fragrant coffee is 100% washed Arabica Typical from the original colonial plantation

Ivory Elephant

– Dark Espresso Roast –

This is our boldest coffee with notes of chocolate and spice a perfect shot of expresso

100 % Arabica

– Medium Roast – 

Made with 100% arabica coffee this blend combines a hearty body and sweet smoky aroma with hints of tropical fruits

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